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Regulations of the Event

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“Kyivska Sotka 2021” cycling competition (hereafter – the Competition) is held as a Road Cycling competition with a purpose of:

– popularization of an ecological transport of bicycle;

– popularization of a healthy lifestyle;

– giving opportunities to athletes, amateurs and cycling fans to master their sportsmanship;

– ecological education through attraction to the types of active recreation that do not impose harm to the environment.


The Event is organized by organizers:

  • Event Agency “Sports and Cultural Initiatives”
  • Public Organization “Ukrainian Ski Club”
  • Private entrepreneur Lyua Oksana
  • Private entrepreneur Didkovska Kateryna

The Competition is supported by the Kyiv City Administration and Kyiv Region Administration.


All participants are supposed to take part in the Competition in helmets and with starting numbers.

Competitors who have bar ends for separate starts on their handlebars are not allowed to participate. It is prohibited to use drop-like track helmets without air vents (aerodynamic helmets for separate starts). A bicycle must be with properly functioning brakes.

It is prohibited to give a ride to those who temporarily withdraw from the race by the escort cars.

According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dating from December 18, 1998 № 2025 “About the order of preparation of sports constructions and other specifically allotted places for holding mass sporting and cultural events”:

Preparation of sports constructions is assigned to their owners;

The control of preparation of sports constructions and providing of safety zones during competitions are carried out by the working commission under the guidance of the chief judge of the competition.

Event: A cycling 100km marathon for all comers.
Place: Kyiv and Kyiv Region, UKRAINE
Time: September 5, 2021
Itinerary:  link to details
Distance: 100 km; 50 km
Organizers: Group of companies headed by an initiator of the event in Kyiv – Serhii Kharchuk:

  • Public Organization – UKRAINIAN SKI CLUB
  • Private entrepreneur Lyua Oksana
  • Private entrepreneur Didkovska Kateryna
Organization: Up-to-date organization of a cycling competition: professional officiating, electronic start and finnish equipment, police and special cars escort, ambulances escort, volunteers’ support on a track, special track marking, pit-stops, participant souveniers and gifts, rock-concert and entertainment program at the finnish!
History of Event: The Marathon was held for the first time on September 7, 2014 in Kyiv on the initiative of Serhii Kharchuk. More than 700 amateurs took part in a pilot project. The Event is to be held annually.
Participation: Amateur competition for all comers: Men and women 18 + on bicycles of any type. The number of participants is limited up to 3000 persons.
Registration: Preliminary, on-line:
Registration Fee: Participation is paid. All the details about registration fee in the “Participation fee and terms of payment” section.
Get in Touch with Us: +38 044 302 69 80;
[email protected];
Kyiv, 03113, Vasylia Makukha str., 5, off. 308.

5. EVENT PROGRAM ( The Program can be updated)

  • 07:00 – 08:00 – Preparation for the Start;
  • 07:30 – 08:00 – Opening Ceremony;
  • 08:00 – 16:00 – Competition;
  • 13:00 – 16:00 – Cultural and entertainment program;
  • 16:00 – 16:30 – Award Ceremony;

Competitions will be held separately for participants in such categories:

Racing and cross bikes,

Mountain and hybrid bikes,

Other types (tandem bikes, city bikes, custom bikes),

Fixed-gear bikes and single-speed bikes,

“Ukraina” bikes (obligatory condition – original assembly, without tuning!).

The competition does not provide separate categories depending on wheels diameter.

6.1 Main Categories and Ratings:

The age group of the Sport race is formed according to UCI rules – by the year of birth of the participant.

We separate the beginners and the athletes for the safest and most comfortable running.

The SPORT category is designed for participants with a high level of training. Only this category gives points for passing the UAT (Ukrainian Amateur Tour). This is a competition for experienced amateur cyclists on road bikes according to the rules of the Ukrainian Amateur Tour  ( and the rules of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for cycling on the highway (


SPORT CATEGORY (The SPORT category is designed for participants with a high level of training):

  • «Men 18+» — 18-29
  • «Men 18+» — 30-34
  • «Men 35+» — 35-39
  • «Men 40+» — 40-44
  • «Men 45+» — 45-49
  • «Men 50+» — 50-54
  • «Men 45+» — 55-59
  • «Men 60+» — 60-65
  • «Men 65+» — 65-59
  • «Men 70+» — 70+


  • «Men 18+» — 18-34
  • «Men 35+» — 35-39
  • «Men 40+» — 40-44
  • «Men 45+» — 45-49
  • «Men 50+» — 50-54
  • «Men 45+» — 55-59
  • «Men 60+» — 60-65
  • «Men 65+» — 65-59
  • «Men 70+» — 70+


  • «Men 18+» — 18-34
  • «Men 35+» — 35-39
  • «Men 40+» — 40-44
  • «Men 45+» — 45-49
  • «Men 50+» — 50-54
  • «Men 45+» — 55-59
  • «Men 60+» — 60-65
  • «Men 65+» — 65-59
  • «Men 70+» — 70+

Unique Rovers (participants of any age who cover the distance on rovers with a unique, different from mountain bikes and racing bikes frame design: tandem bikes, custom chopper bikes, recumbent bikes)

Fixed-gear bikes and Single-speed bikes (bikes with a single gear and racing wheels without regard to the handlebar type):

  • from 18 to 39 inclusive
  • from 40 inclusive

“Ukraina” bikes participants. Obligatory condition – original assembly, without tuning! Participants starts for free. The results will be defined by a manual chronometer.

  •  from 18 to 39 inclusive
  •  from 40 inclusive


SPORT CATEGORY (The SPORT category is designed for participants with a high level of training)

  • «Women 18+» — 18-34
  • «Women 35+» — 35-39
  • «Women 40+» — 40-44
  • «Women 45+» — 45-49
  • «Women 50+» — 50-54
  • «Women 45+» — 55-59
  • «Women 60+» — 60-65
  • «Women 65+» — 65-59
  • «Women 70+» — 70+


  • «Women 18+» — 18-34
  • «Women 35+» — 35-39
  • «Women 40+» — 40-44
  • «Women 45+» — 45-49
  • «Women 50+» — 50-54
  • «Women 45+» — 55-59
  • «Women 60+» — 60-65
  • «Women 65+» — 65-59
  • «Women 70+» — 70+


  • «Women 18+» — 18-34
  • «Women 35+» — 35-39
  • «Women 40+» — 40-44
  • «Women 45+» — 45-49
  • «Women 50+» — 50-54
  • «Women 45+» — 55-59
  • «Women 60+» — 60-65
  • «Women 65+» — 65-59
  • «Women 70+» — 70+

Unique Rovers (participants of any age who cover the distance on rovers with a unique, different from mountain bikes and racing bikes frame design: tandem bikes, custom chopper bikes, recumbent bikes)

Fixed-gear bikes and Single-speed bikes (bikes with a single gear and racing wheels without regard to the handlebar type):

  • from 18 to 39 inclusive
  • from 40 inclusive

“Ukraina” bikes participants. Obligatory condition – original assembly, without tuning! Participants starts for free. The results will be defined by a manual chronometer.

  •  from 18 to 39 inclusive
  •  from 40 inclusive

50 km distance

Male and Female separate.


  • «19 » — 18-39
  • «40 » — 40-59
  • «60 » — 60+


  • «19 » — 18-39
  • «40 » — 40-59
  • «60 » — 60+


  • «19 » — 18-39
  • «40 » — 40-59
  • «60 » — 60+

6.2. Peculiarities of separation into categories

Those who do not fall under any of the categories are considered individually by the organizers.

A category that has less than five participants in it will be combined with a senior category.

The ratings are separate for each category.

Participants start up according to their categories with the start been fixated by a special electronic equipment.

6.3. Team Qualification

The competition also provides the team rating.

Participants registered individually have the opportunity to participate in the race in teams regardless of the individual rating in accordance with such regulations:

Teams represent organizations, amateur collectives or formed on the spot teams with any names;

The number of participants of one team – not less than five persons, without upper restriction of the number of participants;

The team rating is calculated in judging by three best results in the team;

Corporate teams representing organizations have an opportunity to complete their own corporate rating according to the results provided by the organizers;

The big companies have an opportunity to represent several teams;

Participation in a team rating is amateur – age, sex and the type of a bicycle are not taken into account;

Participation in a team rating is FREE;

To register a team every participant must fill in the name of the team in the column “TEAM” while registering themselves.

ATTENTION! Each of the participants has to have an identical name of the team, considering the register, language and separating signs. The organizers are not responsible for precision of the team result at the assumption of mistakes done by participants while registering the team.



Registration for the “Kyivska Sotka” cycling competitions is opened since February 29, 2020 at

Registration is closed on August 29, 2021 at 23:59, 7 days prior to the start of the event and giving of starting numbers.

If registration continues on a separate tariff for all comers under general conditions of participation, there is no guaranty to receive a full registration package of memorable souvenirs.


7.1. Procedure of registration for competition

Filling of the corresponding registration form on-line at:

Payment of the registration fee by one of the ways stated below.

Receiving of a registration package – the date and the place of the numbers receiving will be reported soon.

Arrival of a participant to the place of start with a bike, registration package and properly attached numbers.

7.2. Validation of registration

Confirmation of registration will be sent to a participant by e-mail automatically after the registration for the event and the registration fee payment.



Participation in the “Kyivska Sotka” cycling competitions is paid. The price of registration gets higher as getting closer to the day of the competition.

8.1. Periods of the registration fee payment


100 first registrations for the 100 km distance.

50 first registrations for the 50 km distance.

There are no additional discounts on the promotional value.

2) GREEN: till May 31, 2021 inclusive:

100 km distance: 600 UAH

50 km distance: 550 UAH

Privileged categories: 450 UAH.

3) YELLOLW: From June 1 to July 31, 2021 inclusive:

100 km distance: 650 UAH

50 km distance: 600 UAH

Privileged categories: 450 UAH.

4) ORANGE: From August 1 to August 29, 2021 inclusive:

100 km distance: 850 UAH

50 km distance: 750 UAH

Privileged categories: 550 UAH.

6) RED:registration in the competition day (numbers of slots are limited):

100 km distance: 1500 UAH

50 km distance: 1500 UAH

Privileged categories: unavailable.


Privileged categories include: full-time learning students, pensioners, labor veteran, physically challenged people, Chernobyl veterans, the wounded participants of the Euromaidan, current soldiers and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Ukrainian National Guard.

ATO participants, veterans and children of war, Afghanistan War veterans, liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP, senior participants of the marathon (70+) and the winners of the previous “Kyivska Sotka” participate for FREE.

Prize-winners (the 2nd and the 3rd places) of the previous “Kyivska Sotka” have a fixed 50% discount of the current cost.


Please, specify the possibility of the privileged participation in the event with the organizers. The privileged categories are specified in “Registration” and “Rules” sections. Representatives of the MIA, the SSU, private security structures, evening degree and off-campus students, as well as the military personnel in reserve before March, 2015 participate in the competition under general conditions. Participants use privileges only on condition of a certificate submission. Thanks you for understanding!


8.2. Ways of registration fee payment:

Payment is carried out during the registration from the card account of Visa and MasterCard using Privat24 and Portmone systems. In exceptional circumstances, participants can carry out cash payment at the office of companies commonwealth not later than 14 days prior to the start of the event.

To make a privileged registration a participant must:

  • send an e-mail with the subject “Privileged registration” to the Kyiv Sotka mail [email protected] with a scan copy of the document confirming the privilege,
  • get a one-off promotional code in response,
  • to register in accordance with paragraph 7 of this Regulation and use the promotional code when registering.

Being a participants’ voluntary contribution the registration fee is directed to the organization for support and development of the cycling. If a participant is not able to take part in the competition, to finish the distance, or to keep up with the time limits, the contribution fee is not returned.



The organizers of the cycling competition have canceled the requirement for presenting the medical certificate.

Participants are allowed to participate in the competition after providing the receipt about full responsibility for a condition of their health and physical training.

According to legal obligations of these rules the organizers of the competition are not responsible for the state of health and physical training of participants as well as for other unforeseen circumstances and consequences (please, check section 15.6. “Participants legal obligations”).

At the same time, the organizers of the competition advise all participants to visit a therapist before the event and in case of unsatisfactory results – not to participate in the competition. There is also a possibility to withdraw during the race and get to the finish with the bicycle in a special van provided by the organizers.

Upon the demand of the organizers a chief medical worker of the event and / or an emergency team can check the health of any participant before the start, during the races and after the finish and, if necessary, to eliminate a participant from the race.



Organizers compete recommend for participants to get personal insurance for the start day.



The “Kyivska Sotka” cycling competition are amateur. The organizers of the competition count on the appropriate sportsmanship and sincerity of all participants. Special doping tests are not provided by the organizers.



The replacement of a participant is possible by filling in of a separate registration form by both participants. The participant replacement is paid: 200 UAH.

Until Augest 15, the participents category may be changed. Change of category is paid and costs 150 UAH. Changing the category of participant within a day after registration is free. To request a change of category, you must send a letter with the relevant subject to the Kyivska Sotka email address.

To pay for and make changes, you must send a request message to the Kyiv Sotka email address and wait for further instructions.



The registration fee includes the following services and equipment of a participant:

A technical envelope with special numbers, an electronic chip of a participant, registration copy, a map with the route.

Medical and maintenance support throughout the race.

Water and snacks at pit stops and finish.

Memory medal of a participant who makes the finish.


13.1. The rules of registration numbers usage

Each participant gets special numbers which have to be always in sight. It is prohibited to cover up numbers completely or partially, to pass them to third persons, to violate these regulations as well as generally accepted sportsmanship rules.


13.2. The rules of electronic chip usage

Participants are provided with electronic chips along with a technical envelope at the registration office, which is a compulsory rule for the participation.

Participants receive single use chips for free.

The electronic chip must be fastened only on a handlebar with special collars that also function as a seal.

A participant is not allowed to fix the chip on the other parts of a bike, to utilize other collars except for the ones provided by the organizers, or to pass the chip and collars to other persons.

In case of a chip and / or a collar damage, a participant must inform the organizers personally or by the phone number specified on serial number as well as in all documents.

Participants who forget to attach the chip and / or the number will not get their names put on the list in the electronic system.

Electronic fixation of chips is carried out at the start, checkpoints and finish.

In case of violation of the above-mentioned rules, a participant may be disqualified.



Traffic in the city will be temporarily and partially blocked by the traffic police units 15 minutes before the start of the first escorting car at the head of the column. Traffic will be also limited by the traffic police units at the main junctions of the route. Track marshals in special identification vests as well as road markings will be provided at the main junctions.

The column of participant will be escorting by special cars: two traffic police cars, two ambulance cars, special maintenance vehicle, two patrol vehicles the amount of which may be increased.

There are two special technical pit stops throughout the distance at which all participants are provided with water, cookies, technical and consulting support.



Participants cover the distance in accordance with the instruction listed below.


15.1. The order of getting to the starting line

Participants start in 4 stages according to categories with 5 minutes intervals in the following order:

  • 100 km distance – Sport category
  • 100 km distance – Road bike
  • 100 km distance – MTB bike
  • 100 km distance – others
  • 50 km distance – all participants

In the middle of each starting group the participants will be separated depending on the expected time needed for the distance covering. The time must be specified during the registration.

The race starts after the shot of a starting pistol (time tracking starts simultaneously for all the participants of the starting category). A winner in the category is the one who crosses the finishing line first. Besides a position in a group, the finishing protocol fixates individual time of every participant, which is calculated proceeding from the time of crossing starting and finishing electronic lines.


15.2. Route:

Participants cover 100 km distance. The detailed route is here.


15.3. Pit stops:

There are two special technical pit stops throughout the distance at which all participants are provided with water, cookies, technical and consulting support.


15.4. The order of the finish and determination of the winners

Those participants who cover the distance in the shortest time become the winners.

Covering of the 100 km distance from the moment of crossing of starting and finishing lines is fixed by a special electronic equipment system.

Each age category has three winners as well as the total rating among women and men and the common total rating.

All participants who cover the 100 km distance are awarded with memory medals.

Participants who win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each of the categories are awarded with medals, diplomas and valuable prizes.


15.5. Participants responsibilities during the race

The rules and norms of the Ukrainian Cycling Federation and Ukrainian active legislation are applied in cases that are not provided for by these regulations.

Participants are obliged to be respectful to the environment and not to contaminate it. It is prohibited to throw out garbage on a roadside. Special garbage bins are available at pit stops. Participants who violate these and as well as other rules may be disqualified.

Participants are allowed to be escorted by private automobiles, motorcycles, scooters. It is necessary to obtain special accreditation and the instruction with rules of the participants escorting.

Participants who fall behind the main automobile escort, keep covering the distance as usual bicycle tourists, being guided by general traffic regulations.

Participants who for some reasons can not cover the distance by themselves, have an opportunity to call the organizers by the number noted on serial number as well as in all documents and be delivered to the finish with bicycles.


15.6. Participants legal obligations

After signing a registration form and paying a registration fee, each participant agrees to adhere to the regulations and to be careful and reasonable throughout the competition.

Besides, each participant agrees upon and confirms:

1. that he / she remains fully responsible for the health condition and physical training and release the organizers from any responsibility for it;

2. that he / she authorizes the organizers to process his / her personal data and keep it private;

3. that he / she gives the organizers an allowance for an unlimited free usage of stationary and mobile audiovisual records with the image of a participant, without territorial restrictions, by any parties, for the commercial and advertising purposes and / or for the purpose of creating an archive of the event; a participant abandons any claims for the rights to use such audiovisual information;

4. that he / she realizes that the “Kyivska Sotka” cycling marathon is a potentially dangerous event and, thus, he / she is responsible for any risk associated with the participation in the competition including: falling, collisions with other cyclists, vehicles and audience, weather conditions, road quality, infrastructure features and road circumstances during the race; participants realize that it can impose certain health hazards. In case of being injured as the result of an accident, own or other participants’ mistake, technical malfunction of a bicycle or because of the health state, he / she remains fully responsible for the consequences of a possible trauma and damage to the bicycle or the equipment, and does not receive any compensation (except for insurance payments in the presence of the proof of insurance);

5. that he / she realizes that the organizers are not responsible for possible vandalism, theft and any force-majeure circumstances that any participant my be exposed to during different stages of the competition;

6. that he / she release organizers, co-organizers, volunteers and any sides involved by the organizers from any responsibility concerning actions, announcements, circumstances, states, conditions of situations that were caused by him / her, other participants and other sides;

7. that he / she accepts possible decision of the organizing committee concerning prevention, disqualification and withdrawal, provided by these regulations and / or by the current legislation of Ukraine;

8. that he / she agrees to undergo possible medical examination at any moment before, during and after the competition and to be possibly withdrawn from the race on the basis of a doctor’s decision.

9. that organizers provide a left-luggage office for participants conveniences and make all efforts to provide high-quality service, however, do not give 100% safety guaranty and do not carry any responsibility for participants’ belongings.



In case of force majeure circumstances such as: unfavorable weather conditions, adverse socio-political conditions in the country and other emergency and unforeseen situations, the competition can be postponed for 1-2 weeks, for an indefinite term, or be completely canceled in 2021.

The competition is unlikely to be canceled in 2021. The competition will be held under any weather conditions.

However, in case of impossibility of the competition in 2021 due to force majeur circumstances, organizers do not return the cost of a registration fee. Participants will be provided with an opportunity to participate with a 50% discount next year and possibility to visit other events for free.



Any complaints concerning results, conditions of participation and holding of a cycling marathon are only submitted within two hours after the finishing of the last participant of the competitions.

On the expiration of two hours any complaints are not accepted and considered.



The official web site of the “Kyivska Sotka” cycling competitions is the main and complete information source concerning the event and communications between participants and the organizers.

All information: updates, changes, rules will be posted on the website.

Rules are preliminary and can be reconsidered and updated during preparation for the event.

For more information contact the competition organizing committee which represents the commonwealth of the companies:

Event Agency “Sports and Cultural Initiatives”

Public Organization “Ukrainian Ski Club”

Kyiv, Ukraine 03113 Vasylia Makukha str. 5 (entrance from the courtyard), office 308

+38 044 332 69 80.

[email protected]



All disputable cases that are not foreseen by these regulations fall under norms and charters of the Ukrainian Cycling Federation and the current legislation of Ukraine.

The organizers have a right to change regulations and rules during the preparation and at the day of the competition with the purpose of improvement of the event. The possible major changes in a route, terms, rules, requirements will be added to the regulations and shown on the homepage of the official site in the “Regulations changes” section.